Swiss Association for the Promotion of Social Innovation

A non-profit organization furthering social innovation

The Swiss Association for the Promotion of Social Innovation is an association according to Article 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.  It aims at:

  • promoting social innovation in Switzerland
  • promoting the development of social innovation through the support of social innovation projects and the collaboration between organizations active in research, social services, primary health care and public health care
  • encouraging participative approaches and the use of collective intelligence

Membership is open to the following legal entities: Swiss higher education institutions, social and health care organisations, prevention and health promotion organisations and their representatives as well as other organisations with an interest in social innovation (statutes: French / German).


The focus of the association's activities is currently dedicated to the development and implementation of the NTN Innovation Booster "Co-Designing Human Services".  He presides over it as Leading House.


Presidency: Daniel Höchli
Members : Luca Crivelli, Agnès Fritze, Joël Gapany, Laurence Robatto
Secretary : Olivier Grand

Become a member!

Interested organisations are cordially invited to apply for membership. They can be involved in defining the annual topic and benefit from a national network.

To do so, please download the form in German or French, complete it and send it to info(at)

For the membership fees, please consult the following information sheet.