About us

Leading House

The Swiss Association for the Promotion of Social Innovation supports trans- and cross-disciplinary networking among users, service delivery organisations and research in the social domain, primary health care and public health. As the Leading House of the IB-CDHS, the association is accountable to the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse) for the implementation of the innovation booster programme. Its board appoints the Management Team of the IB-CDHS and acts as an advisory board on strategic matters.

Management Team

As a collegial body, the management team of the IB-CDHS plans and oversees the organization of all activities, including the innovation cycle, the call and events as well as all the services and facilities which sustain the booster. It sets the stage to sow the seeds for co-designed innovative ideas, ensuring the appointment of nationally recognized experts to the Panel. The current Management Team members are:

Edo Carrasco (Fondazione il Gabbiono), Community
Mirian Diz (Care Leaver), Lead Users
Domenico Ferrari (SUPSI), Lead Strategy, Organization & Finances
Patricia Jungo (Artiset), Lead Community & Work Topic
Peter Kalberer (Innovage), Consultant
Frédérique Leresche (HETS Fribourg, HES-SO), Lead Research & Development Social Work
Pascal Maeder (HES-SO), Coordination
Ruth Meier (Innovage), Consultant
Anne Parpan-Blaser (FHNW), Lead Innovation
Marco Pedrotti (HE-Arc, HES-SO), Lead Research & Development Health Sciences
Stefan Schnurr (FHNW), Lead Panel


The Panel is the Innovation Booster’s body for the selection and evaluation of innovation ideas. It is chaired by a presidency and consists of ten members, representing research, service workers, service managers, service users and representatives from government on an equal basis. Currently, the Panel is composed as follows:

Stefan Schnurr (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz)

Claude Bertelletto Küng (Association fribourgeoise des institutions pour personnes âgées et de l’aide et soins à domicile - Vereinigung Freiburger Alterseinrichtungen und Spitex)
Felix Bohn (Wohnen im Alter)
Michael Gabathuler (Innovation Service, Federal Office of Public Health FOPH)
Ingrid Kissling (Berner Fachhochschule)
Carlo Knöpfel (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz)
Elsbeth Wandeler (Schweizerischer Seniorenrat)
Alexander Widmer (Pro Senectute Schweiz)
Christina Zweifel (Fachstelle Alter und Familie, Kanton Aargau)