The Swiss Association for the Promotion of Social Innovation and its members want to use participatory methods to promote social innovation in Switzerland as well as cooperation between organizations in research, social and health care, prevention and health promotion, and those affected and their representatives. The association actively supports the trans- and interdisciplinary networking of users, e.g. concerned persons, clients or patients, service providers and science in social and health care.

Organisations and institutions interested in social innovation have the possibility to apply for membership. More information can be found in our statutes (statutes in French or German).

Mandate for the realization of the Innovation Booster for the health and social sector

The Swiss Association for the Promotion of Social Innovation has received a request from Innosuisse to set up and implement an Innovation Booster as a so-called Leading House - as already realized in other thematic areas.

This form of innovation promotion makes it possible to bring together actors from society, professional circles and research around a topic and to financially support the first steps of a development. In this way, novel ideas for the social and health sectors are to be initiated and tested.

In its role as Leading House, the association's committee appoints the Booster's management team and acts as an advisory body on strategic issues.

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