Innovation Booster Co-Designing Human Services

Significant changes in society are critically challenging the future of human services: As the world is rapidly transforming, life courses diversifying and life expectancy increasing, current practices and models for the care, health and support of vulnerable individuals and groups will no longer be able to cope with growing and changing demand. Faced with these challenges, the Innovation Booster Co-Designing Human Services (IB-CDHS) sets the stage for concrete responses, proposing to bring together people from research and professional circles wishing to innovate this sector around an annual theme in collobaration with human services users.

Thanks to its annual innovation cycle, the Innovation Booster offers to members and beneficiairies financial support, a network of specialists throughout Switzerland as well as assistance and methodological support for the development of innovative ideas. For the period 2022-2025, the Innovation Booster benefits from a generous grant from the Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse.


Successful Social Innovation Forum

On 5 May, almost 100 people met in Olten with the common ambition to bring social innovation to the theme of the year proposed by the NTN Innovation Booster Co-Designing Human Services: Flexible forms of living and support for seniors.

A total of 27 innovation teams from all over Switzerland presented project ideas. The panel, consisting of representatives from research, institutions, authorities and users, was faced with the difficult task of reviewing the most relevant and innovative project ideas. In the end, the panel gave 19 project ideas the go-ahead. The selected innovation teams will be awarded a first cheque of CHF 1,000. Along a multi-phase innovation cycle, they can now further develop their project ideas and possibly test them starting in autumn 2022.

The management team of the Innovation Booster would like to thank all participants of the Forum for their commitment, dedication and the constructive day full of exchange and inspiration. In Switzerland this nation-wide forum is a definite first!

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